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“Feel Good Campaign” 2 – Victoria Womens Portraits

13th October 2017

“Always take time for the things that you love, including yourself.”

This month I had the privilege to work with Bella M for her “Feel Good Campaign” session.  Traveling from out of town, Dani gave her a fresh haircut  paired with Mel’s makeup and skin transformation, Marnie walked into the studio feeling great!  It was so great to see and feel her energy, she was so ready for her shoot!  I could not be more proud of this warrior!  Please take a few moments to read of Bella M’s journey (below) ~ Karen

Thank you again!  Hair by: Danielle  Makeup: Melanie

“For me, getting to be a part of the Feel Good Campaign meant so much more than getting glammed up and looking good for photos.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through surgery and treatments, my energy was depleted, I got really sick and depressed, and have been off work for 5 of the last 10 months.  Recovery from the treatments had me living on the couch and not able to leave my house for months.  Makeup and hair fell out of my routine, and I had started to feel like I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror.  I’ve only recently had the energy for self-care, and I’ve finally been getting out into the world again.  Then the opportunity with the feel good campaign … This was the first time in months, that I felt like me and my body were getting back on the same team. It was the first time in forever that I got to use my physical self in a creative way, and feel like I had the power to do that.  It felt like I took something back, and I got to reclaim my femininity. I got to feel cared for and supported by Mel, Dani and Karen, who I had just met that day, and who wanted to know about my story and give me this gift from their hearts.  I’m truly touched and honoured to have had this experience, and to have met these fabulous, passionate, and talented women.  This was so nourishing and healing for me, and I can’t express the love and gratitude I have for these women. xo  So much love, Marnie”