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Inclusive and Empowering Boudoir | Victoria BC Photography Studio

13th July 2020

Inclusive and Empowering BoudoirInclusive and Empowering Boudoir

Inclusive and Empowering Boudoir | Victoria BC Photography Studio

Here at Bella Boudoir we are committed to providing a safe space for you to celebrate your most intimate self. Consent, privacy, and safety are our top most priorities at Bella Boudoir! We understand that the thought of the vulnerability that comes with a boudoir session can be intimidating, awkward, and even a little scary. Rest assured our team is here to calm those butterflies and make you feel like the most special, radiant, and invincible person in the world!⁠ Our boudoir is inclusive and empowering.

Moving forward, we are committed to being a safe space for all self-identified women to experience the transformative power of being photographed, while also using our business and platform to uplift the beautiful voices and bodies of Black, Indigenous, and POCs. We are committed to the process of listening, learning, and unlearning, and recognize we will make mistakes along the way, but we recognize that the work of addressing systemic and internalized racism is vital. ⁠